Some clients still have social media jitters

The talk in the public relations industry at the moment is very much about social media and their role in the future of corporate communications.

But, no matter how convinced we may be that social media can play a key role in particular public relations campaigns, many clients are not yet ready to take the plunge.

Some of this resistance may simply be fear of the unknown. But much of it results from concerns about loss of control.

For many target audiences, social media is more effective than traditional channels

As I said in my previous social media blog, the fact that mass communication now requires nothing more technical than a mobile phone potentially puts unprecedented communication power into the hands of billions of people. The traditional editorial controls of newspapers, radio and television are by-passed.

This is clearly a concern to clients (as, indeed, it should be). But that legitimate concern should not be allowed to turn into a paralysis.

Indeed, one could argue that – in the absence of planned communication through social media channels – the vacuum may well be filled by misinformation.

I will keep urging my clients to keep an open mind about potential of social media.


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