Hard to ignore social networking potential

by Ken McEwen, Ken McEwen Public Relations

I read today that 26 million people in the UK are now on Facebook. That’s 41% of the entire population!

Figures like that are beginning to dispel the perception that social media are the domain of bored teenagers who want to pour out their teenage angst about how the world hates them.

girl on Facebook

The reality – as so often is the case – is completely different.

The average age of Facebook users is actually 38. The average age of Twitter users is over 35.

Both Facebook and Twitter make it so easy to get started that, in a surge of enthusiasm many people will set off without really thinking about what they want to get out of social networking.

  • Are you looking for social networking to build on your conventional networking, to extend your reach?
  • Are you looking for it to drive traffic to your website?
  • Are you wanting to build an online community?
  • Or, are you looking for social networking to support a PR campaign?

The important thing is to work out your objectives as these will be key to planning your social media activity.

Have you got all the resources in place?

Who is going to do the actual posting and responding? Will it be sustainable, or will it fizzle out as soon as the novelty wears off?

Is your website ready for its new role as the hub of a social network?

  • Is it rich in content that will appeal to visitors?
  • Is it regularly updated with the latest news?
  • Does it have a blog page?

By all means get involved in social networking. But, take some time to plan your activity before you jump straight in.
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