Sir Jackie's name still linked to Pagani crash

It is now five days since the first reports that Sir Jackie Stewart had been behind the wheel of the Pagani Zonda supercar that crashed in Aberdeenshire, producing an insurance claim of £300,000.

Following that first report, Sir Jackie’s office immediately responded stating that he had not been driving and, furthermore, he had not even been in the country at the time.

No matter. In true ‘viral’ manner of social media the story is still running round the globe, despite that denial. Even today, new blogs and tweets are popping up in different languages, each presumably believing they are imparting hot news.

Sir Jackie Stewart

Not guilty: Sir Jackie Stewart

What this illustrates is how a story – good or bad – can spread around the world by social media. It also shows how difficult such ‘viral’ spread is to stop.

All of which underlines the importance of considering social media in any corporate communications strategy.

It pays to be prepared. Give me a call today to discuss your preparedness.


Oh, and I never believed Sir Jackie pranged the Pagani!

A good few years ago, courtesy of Ford, I was invited to a track day at Knockhill with Sir Jackie Stewart.

His crusade is for absolute smoothness in driving. Sure enough, when he drove round the track at a considerable rate of knots all you could feel was the G-forces. There was no jerking, no sudden movements, no nodding heads, just smooth, fast progression.

When it came to my turn to drive I was really nervous. But, what impressed me (in addition to his calmness sitting in the passenger seat!) was how, to show me the line for a particular corner, he leant over and steered a perfect line with just one hand!
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