PR in action as Chilean miners emerge

The story of the Chilean miners emerging, after more than two months trapped underground, has captured the attention of the world, with good reason. This is a top-notch ‘good news’ story.

But even as the miners emerged from the capsule, you could see the PR machines in operation.

Chile mine rescue

It has been suggested that the time for the first miner to be brought to the surface was changed and just happened to coincide with peak viewing in the USA.

Who can have failed to notice that the escape capsule bears the Chile identity and Chilean flag prominently emblazoned on it. You also cannot miss that all the key people, including the Chilean President, are wearing distinctive jackets, again boldly presenting the Chile identity.

It’s not just Chile that is grasping the opportunity of being seen around the world in this big news story. Oakley Sunglasses spotted the opportunity to supply sunglasses for the miners, who, of course, need protection from the light after two months underground.

So is there anything wrong with seizing these opportunities? I don’t think so.

This is a great achievement for the Chilean authorities, who have worked with international experts to ensure the safe release of the miners. Why should they not make best use of featuring at the top of newscasts around the world?

For Oakley it was a case of spotting a timely opportunity to meet a very obvious need.
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