Boris's burka

A few years ago, the only time you would hear swear words on the mainstream terrestrial TV channels would be when an interviewer or interviewee forgot themselves on a live programme.

These days, after the watershed, the air turns blue.

Over a relatively short period of time, what most of us think of as acceptable has changed. That change has been driven by a gradual pushing of the boundaries by producers, presenters and interviewees.

pushing the boundaries of what's acceptable

Former Cabinet member Boris Johnson has been in the news recently for his controversial remarks about women wearing the burka.

Was this a case of a momentary lapse by our accident prone former Foreign Secretary. I don’t think so.

To me it smacks of a deliberate pushing of the boundaries, just like the acceptability of swearing on television. I see it as testing the reaction of the authorities and the population. What will be the next step? Proposing a ban the wearing of burkas?

Remember that Steve Bannon, one of the architects of Trump’s take over of the White House, is in Europe with the avowed intent of swinging European politics to the far right. Is it fanciful to fear that he and Boris Johnson are already collaborating?

If so, it would be ironic. Boris Johnson was seen as being anything but right wing when he was Mayor of London.

But, then we know he is prone to changing his mind.

Famously he is reported to have written two articles on Brexit. One on the critical importance of staying in the EU. The other extolling the virtues of leaving the EU.

So, the Burka comment could be aimed at gaining populist approval.

The prospect of a public-school educated right-wing politician gaining support of the working population in the UK through stealth, is ironic and concerning.

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