Norwegian teachers delegation visits Camphill

Camphill Aberdeen this week hosted a delegation of 49 Norwegian teachers who visited the city as part of their in-service training.

The teachers came from Jaattaa School in Stavanger, which caters for 55 pupils who have special needs. They travelled to Aberdeen to learn about the work at Camphill School Aberdeen.

The visit included presentations and discussions about the similar issues faced by Camphill School Aberdeen and Jaattaa School. They also toured the school’s two campuses at Murtle, in the Bieldside area of the city, and Camphill campus on Milltimber Brae.

“It was lovely to meet such a positive and enthusiastic group of teachers”, said Mari Sterten, who played host to the event. “They confirmed my belief that humour and a ‘go’ outlook is a mark of our profession! Such a trip is excellent team-building for a group of colleagues.

“The presentation, on autism and sensory issues, by Camphill School Aberdeen education co-ordinator Bernhard Menzinger was particularly thought-provoking and lively, with the visitors saying that they found it really excellent.

“They were also impressed by the green house being created by recycling plastic bottles, and also rather taken by the well-being suite with space for, among other, therapeutic baths, massage, and play therapy.”

During their tour of the campuses, the visitors met with pupils busy in the gardens, at work in the sculpture workshop and some of the younger pupils enjoying riding therapy with the donkeys.

The visit came about as a result of some of the staff having visited Camphill School Aberdeen in 2002.

Camphill Aberdeen City & Shire represents seven Camphill charities in the Aberdeen area. Around 700 people live and work in these communities and, internationally, there are some 100 Camphill centres in 23 countries. The worldwide movement takes its name from Camphill House in Milltimber, Aberdeen, where the first community was founded in 1940.
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