Nutrition as a foundation for health

Richard Phethean, from the Beannachar Herb Workshop, is the speaker at a talk on nutrition and health, hosted by Camphill Medical Practice on Tuesday, April 27.

The talk will explore how people can make big improvements to their health by eating better. He will point out that there is confusion about what healthy eating means and aims to give simple, clear-cut advice.

“The real epidemics in our time are not caused by viruses or bacteria,” Richard Phethean believes, “but are cancer, heart disease, obesity, diabetes and now autism, which are largely diet-related and can be treated and prevented with appropriate diet.”

His talk is at 7.30pm in the Newton Dee Café, on Old Ferry Road, Bieldside, Aberdeen.

The Beannachar Herb Workshop is part of the Beannachar Camphill community in Banchory Devenick, which provides training and personal development opportunities for young adults with special needs.

Camphill Medical Practice, located on the Murtle Campus of Camphill School Aberdeen in Bieldside, provides NHS primary care services to the local community along with the intensive professional care required by the children and adults in six Camphill Aberdeen City and Shire communities in the Aberdeen area.

Camphill Medical Practice is a former winner of the Innovative Practice Award and the Quality Practice Award, both presented by the Royal College of General Practitioners.

Camphill Medical Practice and Beannachar are both part of Camphill Aberdeen City and Shire.

  • Admission to the talk is free and refreshments will be served afterwards.
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