Aberdeen GP aims for Nature Nurture funds on Edinburgh Marathon

This is the first fundraising effort for the Nature Nurture Fund, which aims to raise £150,000 this year to provide 120 children with a place on a Nature Nurture programme.

Nature Nurture is the first programme of its type in the UK, working with disadvantaged children and young people who are experiencing challenges at home, at school and in the community.

Nature Nurture

Many of the children and young people come from families affected by substance or alcohol misuse. Some come from families affected by domestic violence. Some have been sexually abused. Others have experiece neglect.

For many, schooling has been disrupted due to the mental, emotional and social challenges they have faced.

Research has shown that natural environments reduce stress and promote physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Nature Nurture sessions take place on the Murtle and Camphill campuses of Camphill School Aberdeen, to tackle the young people’s vulnerability and promoting resilience.

Dr Stefan Geider
Dr Stefan Geider aims to raise funds for Nature Nurture

After attending Nature Nurture sessions 90% of children show an increase in resilience and 70% show improved engagement in education and increased school attendance.

It costs £60 for the charity to organise one session for one child or £1,200 to fund a full programme of 20 sessions for one child. To fund a full programme for ten children costs £12,000.

Camphill Wellbeing Trust and Nature Nurture are two of the charities in Camphill Aberdeen City and Shire. Together the charities provide opportunities for vulnerable children, young people, adults and the elderly.

The Camphill Movement was founded in Aberdeen in 1940, taking its name from Camphill House in the Milltimber area of the city. Now, more than 700 people live and work with Camphill charities in the Aberdeen area and the movement has grown internationally to encompass more than 100 centres in 23 countries.

Donations to Dr Geider’s Nature Nurture fundraising can be made through Virgin Money Giving .

  • Anyone interested in running with the Nature Nurture Fund team on the Edinburgh Marathon is asked to contact Chris Stewart at Camphill Wellbeing Trust on 01224 869833 or admin@camphillwellbeing.org.uk before April 16.
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