House sales in Highlands and Islands up 40% in December

The property market in the Highlands and Islands has ended 2015 with very strong sales in December. Early figures from the Highland Solicitors Property Centre (HSPC) indicate that sales for the month will be up by 40% on December 2014.

In addition to this good news for property sellers, HSPC figures show potential buyers have benefitted from a 26% increase in the choice of properties registered for sale, compared to last year.

Full figures for 2015 will be released shortly.

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HSPC say that their website at has been a key element in the sales growth, with website enquiries up 10% in December, compared to 2014. For the new year, HSPC has launched a new ‘mobile friendly’ website.

According to figures from OFCOM 61% of people now use mobile devices to access the internet.

Recognising this rapid growth in the use of smartphones and tablets, the new website utilises ‘responsive’ technology to adapt the site to suit the size of screen being used by the visitor.

In addition to being better for users, search engines like Google are giving better rankings to websites that are designed to work well on mobile devices.

Sarah Woodcock, Manager of HSPC explains:
“Good rankings on Google are important for people who have registered their properties for sale on our website. They want their property to be found easily and quickly by potential buyers.

“So, our investment in the new website is good news for both buyers and sellers.”

Other improvements in the new website are a ‘draw a search’ tool. If you know an area you want to search in you can mark the area on the map and the search tool will return all the properties in the area you have marked.

If you have children of school age and want to tailor your search to a particular school catchment area, the website can now return a list of suitable properties.

A new ‘Explore the Area’ section offers website users an insight into the different areas of the Highlands and Islands covered by HSPC.

Sarah Woodcock comments:
“Our new ‘Explore the Area’ section is packed with photographs and information on the various locations we cover. If you are a stranger to the Highlands this can help you get to know a bit more about this amazing corner of the world. Even if you already live here it’s well worth a look.”

“We have worked hard to make sure the new website offers great advice, calculators to help you budget and top tips.

“We would welcome feedback from users of the site so we can continue to improve it and make it the best resource for people who want to buy, sell or rent property in the Highlands and Islands.”
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