IoD Scotland Referendum result statement

Responding to the ‘No’ result in the Scottish Independence Referendum, the executive director of IoD Scotland, David Watt has pointed out that a new Scotland starts here. He highlighted the need to get together to focus on growth and the economy to deliver the prosperous country we all want.

David Watt. Executive Director, IoD Scotland
David Watt, Executive Director, IoD Scotland

“Many will have been looking forward to this day thinking that it would be the culmination of what has been a long and, at times, energising rather than enlightening campaign. But, the reality is, the work to build Scotland’s future was always going to begin today.

“IoD Scotland, and Scotland’s business leaders, now look to the parties to pull together and deliver the best result for Scotland within the Union. Greater fiscal and political autonomy for Scotland are on the way and previously opposing groups now need to work together, and with the business sector, to make sure that the outcome is successful.

“For now, any thought of ‘yes’ or ‘no’ colours must be set aside as we work towards a deal for Scotland that allows us to move forward with confidence.

“The key issues for business have not been changed by the vote – creating a climate that supports the creation and growth of successful enterprises is crucial. Taxation, red tape, access to funding, internationalisation, and retaining and developing talent are some of the challenges that will need to be addressed over the coming months.

“Perhaps the most urgent challenge for our politicians will be to unite Scotland – no matter which way people voted – and focus on building an enterprise culture that will generate the wealth that is desperately needed and if we want to in turn provide for the needs of all.”
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