Aberdeen Waldorf School announces it is to close

The council of the Aberdeen Waldorf School has announced that the school is to close this summer.

Announcing the closure Donald Phillips, chairman of the Aberdeen Waldorf School council said:

“It is with great regret that the school council of the Aberdeen Waldorf School has taken the decision to implement a planned closure of the school, between now and the end of the school year.

Aberdeen Waldorf School

“The Aberdeen Waldorf School council took this very difficult decision after reviewing the school’s current financial situation. It is our legal duty to ensure that the school has enough funds to operate and we have sufficient reserves to continue to the end of the school year and to fulfil our legal obligations.

“In recent years we have been successful in introducing new financial measures to reduce the school’s running costs. On that basis, we had planned to continue with our five-year plan to strengthen the financial status of the school.

“These plans depended on maintaining, or building, pupil numbers. However, events of recent weeks have forced the school council to re-evaluate them and we are aware that a number of pupils will be leaving the school at the end of this year.

“We had hoped to keep the school open longer, and the Care Inspectorate and Education Scotland have been working with us to try and do so following their recent inspections, which will be published on April 22. However, events over recent weeks have forced us to re-evaluate the financial situation.

“As a result, the school council has decided that, in these circumstances, a planned closure of Aberdeen Waldorf School is the only responsible option.”

The Aberdeen Waldorf School was founded in 1977 and for many years was based in the Gallowgate in Aberdeen city centre. In 1996, the school moved to the former campus of the Aberdeen American School, in the Cults area of Aberdeen.
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