Social media gets 200% more people talking

Just over two months into a social media programme for a global company in the oil and gas sector and Ken McEwen Public Relations has already increased their following by 60%.

But, while follower numbers are important, what social media is all about is interaction.

In the past month the feed we manage on Twitter has generated responses around the world:
  • 45% from in the UK,
  • 12.1% in the rest of Europe,
  • 8.9% in the USA
  • 2.7% in Australia
  • and 30.3% from the rest of the world.

Social media

On Facebook we increased the number of people talking about our client and their services by no less than 200% and the weekly total reach of the company’s Facebook activity has increased by 143%. They now have a loyal Facebook following in 45 countries worldwide.

“While there may have been scepticism in the past about the power of social media, results like these speak for themselves,” says Ken McEwen.

“What we have done in two months is to provide people with a mix of news and information that they not only find valuable, but that also highlights the full range of services that our client provides. That way social media followers are constantly reminded of the value of the client’s services and introduced to new opportunities.

“The bottom line is that our client has now built up a loyal following on Twitter and Facebook. Thanks to the e ‘viral’ nature of social media communication, we are continuing to bring new users into the network, thereby growing the client’s customer base.”
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