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Ken McEwen Public Relations

Tel +44 (0)1467 633667

Dedicated personal marketing and PR support from one of Aberdeen City and Shire's most experienced consultants.


CIPR member

  1. What makes Ken McEwen Public Relations different[+]
    We have many years experience of different PR situations. We also take a consistently strategic view. Whether you need a single one-off press release, or a phased campaign, we have a clear focus on the aims and objectives.

    We also don't take on every client who comes to us. We select a number of assignments where we believe we can make a real difference and build a good working relationship.

    Everything we do for you builds towards the desired outcome.
  2. My budget is limited. Can you work with that?[+]
    Probably. But we have never competed on price. A quality service does cost monty. But, in more than 27 years in the consultancy business we have worked with many small businesses with limited budgets. Just specify your budget, present your objective and leave us to consider the viability.
  3. How do I know what the cost will be?[+]
    Give us a brief and we will give our proposed action and an estimate of the cost for your approval. Our fees are based on the amount of time involved in the project. So the more efficient we can make the time usage, the lower fee.
  4. I'm not sure whether I should use marketing, PR or advertising?[+]
    Marketing, PR and advertising are not alternatives. The only effective way to market your business or service is to utilise the optimum mix of marketing, PR and advertising. Although primarily focussed on PR, Ken McEwen is also qualified in marketing and can position the PR element within your marketing mix.
  5. Would it be cheaper for me to do the work myself?[+]
    It might be cheaper in terms of outgoings, but should you really be spending hours of your time working on non-core activities? We bring our professionalism to your table and free up your time to focus where it should be – on developing your business.
  6. What about social media and should I get involved?[+]
    It depends on whether it is a logical element in your PR strategy. Social media, like Twitter, Facebook business pages, Google+, YouTube, Flickr and similar, can be excellent means of extending the reach of your message, driving traffic to your website. But, your social media programme will only be as good as your content. Which is where we come in. We have demonstrated the power of social media, with one campaign building a loyal audience in 45 countries around the world.
  7. I may have a potential PR issue arising, when should I contact you?[+]
    Immediately! The sooner we can start working with you to assess the situation, prepare the strategy and put together statements, the better. It pays to be prepared. Your reputation has probably taken years to hone, don't risk it being destroyed in hours. And, with professional PR support behind you, you will sleep better at night!
  8. I need an effective website. Where do you fit in?[+]
    We believe that websites are primarily PR communications tools. So, we should be the first people you contact – even before you (or us on your behalf) contact designers! Who are the target audiences for the site? How does it want to communicate with them? What is the structure? We will work with you to put together the plan and, if you want, we will even manage the entire project for you.
  9. I have a website or brochure in production, but I have writer's block. Can you help?[+]
    We certainly can. You wouldn't ask your ask your lawyer to audit your accounts. So why struggle to find a member of staff to write your copy? Call the professionals!
  10. Would a blog be a benefit to our website and can you help?[+]
    Again it depends on whether it is a logical element in your PR strategy. However, for most businesses a good blog will provide a compelling reason for people to revisit your website, while also providing strong links for your social media programme and also boosting your search engine ranking. But the content is the key. It must be relevant, compelling and also add value to your business. Which, yet again, is where we come in!

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